How does it work?

Wash, polish, remove light scratches and apply a protective coating with a deep shine on your car, boat, or caravan in just a few steps. It seems too good to be true, but it can be doneā€¦ How does it work exactly?

Step 1:
Shake the bottle with Dry Wash Quick with Nano-Tech well before use every time. Spray the Quick Clean Dry Wash with Nano-Tech on the surface. You can use the Dry Wash Quick with Nano-Tech under all circumstances, so also in bright sun light.

The Dry Wash Quick with Nano-Tech sees to it that the dirt gets encapsulated and removed from the surface. This process prevents the dirt to damage the surface.

Step 2:
See to it you have two good clean micro-fiber cloths at hand. Preferably in two separate colors to be able to tell them apart.

Use the first micro-fiber cloth to get the dirt of the surface. Brush in one direction without exerting too much pressure. The encapsulated dirt can be absorbed by the first micro-fiber cloth.

A white layer remains on the surface.

Step 3:
Get the second clean micro-fiber cloth and polish the white layer out on het surface. By this act, a protective Nano-Tech coating with a lasting shine is put on the surface. The Nano-Tech also renders the light scratches of use invisible.

When you are finished washing your car, boat, or caravan without the use of water, you can easily wash the micro-fiber cloths to remove the dirt and the absorbed Dry Wash Quick with Nano-Tech, to be able to start with clean cloths next time around!

We advise you to wash the micro-fiber cloths without fabric softener.

All general information about the product Dry Wash you can find here.