Like the whole design, logo and house style already indicate, we have our roots in the world of the aviation industry, where our concepts have been tested extensively. Now, almost four years later, after passing all tests, audits, and the eternal prophets of doom, we extend our company to THOMS Automotive and our sister company THOMS Marine.

The concepts developed for this demanding industry and the products stemming from them, also proved to be perfectly suitable for the Automotive sector.

For many companies in the middle sized and small businesses sector owning a fleet of cars, time, money, and personnel are a headache THOMS Automotive can alleviate. We offer tailor-made packages to provide your cars with ‘cosmetic maintenance’ on location. This means that the interior and exterior will be cleaned and detailed without you having to leave the office! That saves personnel costs, fuel, wear, risk of damage, costs of the car wash, and logistical problems. At the end of the month, you will get a complete overview on your invoice. Who would not sign up for this?!

THOMS personnel are carefully selected, they are screened and trained by THOMS Training Academy for the Aviation, Automotive, as well as the Marine sector. Every sector has their own specific points of focus and approach which our people master. So, we are rightfully extremely proud of our THOMS Cosmetic Engineers!

We provide services primarily for business users like fleet owners, fleet keepers, and government organizations. Therefore, we work on location. At THOMS Automotive we work ecologically responsible. On an average base we save about 250 liters of drinking water per car by using our Dry Wash procedure as compared to the traditional car wash services.

THOMS represents ecologically responsible entrepreneurship. Ecologically responsible entrepreneurship is a crucial element within our organization’s culture. With this way of thinking, our short-term goal is to build a water well in a third world country, when we save 1 million liters of water, that way we can actually provide access to clean drinking water for the people who need it .


We will build a well when 1 million liter of water is saved


Tailor-made service

THOMS Automotive offers a tailor-made service program. You can put it together yourself according to your preferences. This way, we can see to it that all your wishes are catered to. You can, for instance, choose how often the car gets washed, with what type of detailing, and which services will be carried out.


When an incident occurs, together with our partner Lloyds Insurance, we will solve all problems as fast and carefully as possible.


All our employees have their roots in the ‘Aviation Industry’. They are trained and certified according to aviation standards. This way, you can be sure our employees strive for perfection and that all rules and regulations will be adhered to diligently.

Terms of Trade

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