Cosmetic Engineering with a minimum use of water


One product, one process, have your car washed on location without water.

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We respect Earth

Save on water usage, fuel usage, and reduce CO2 emissions.

Water is a scarce commodity in large parts of the world. The annual availability is limited and demand is growing. Water usage of humankind in many parts of the world has passed the level of sustainability and there are even sectors that face severe water pollution. In some parts of the world life itself is threatened by contaminated water. The decrease in use of water and the pollution daily use of water entails is a growing point of focus in the commercial and transport industry.

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In daily life, we are faced with water pollution too. In more and more cities people use separate sewage systems instead of mixed sewage systems. This means that the waste water from the house goes through the sewer to the purification plant, but the rain water goes through the well and the sewer and ends up in the surface water.

If you wash your car, boat, or caravan, the filth and chemicals end up in surface water with all the consequences that entails

To make sure that we decrease surface water pollution, washing cars on the street has been banned in many countries. In addition to that, car wash facilities must live up to all kinds of environmental demands. For instance, one must recycle the used water and per washing only a small amount of clean drinking water can be used. In 2013, the Bovag started a lobby with municipalities to ban car washing on the street.

The Dry Wash Quick with Nano-Tech has been developed entirely environment friendly and does NOT contain chemicals.

The Dry Wash Quick with Nano-Tech suites the MVO (Socially Responsible Entrepreneurship) policy of your company perfectly.

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